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Memorandum of Insurance

Boston Market has created this site for use by its business associates including, but not limited to, property lessors, mortgagees and catering guests who require proof of insurance in the course of the business relationship between those third parties & Boston Market. By providing this information electronically, we hope to make it more convenient for those business associates to find up-to-date information when they need it.


Memorandum of Insurance

To view the Boston Market Memorandum of Insurance, visit the Web site of our insurance broker, Marsh USA, Inc. There you can:

Print a copy of the Memorandum of Insurance.

  • View answers to frequently asked questions regarding usage of the Memorandum.
  • Find contact information in case you have additional questions (at the bottom of the FAQs page).


Additional Insured Wording

The Boston Market program utilizes a Blanket Additional Insured Amendment on the Commercial General Liability policy. Therefore, it is not necessary to specifically schedule parties with a contractual and insurable interest as additional insureds. Additional insured status is extended automatically to those parties who have entered into a written contract with Boston Market.


Certificate of Insurance

The goal of this site is to satisfy requirements for evidence of insurance for Boston Market. If the site, combined with information from the Marsh USA, Inc., site and personal assistance, has not satisfied these requirements, and you believe a certificate of insurance is warranted, please do the following:

  1. Write a letter specifically outlining your insurance requirements, including coverage and limits and the specific Boston Market locations for which evidence is required.
  2. Provide a copy of pertinent sections of the lease or contract showing specific insurance requirements that Boston Market Corporation is obligated to meet through one of the following methods:

Mail all items to:

Boston Market Corporation
Attn: Risk Management
14103 Denver West Parkway
Golden CO 80401

Email all items to:

Sarah Prinzi


Terms and Conditions

The information on this site is provided as a matter of information only and does not amend, extend or alter the insurance coverage afforded by listed policies or the terms and conditions of agreements and contracts between any organization, person or entity and Boston Market.

Please check back as often as you feel necessary. Because of the nature of the delivery of this information via the Internet, it is not possible to send third parties notice of cancellation or changes to these policies.