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Thanksgiving Checklist


3 Weeks Out

  • Plan your guest list and coordinate Thanksgiving Day timing (when guests should arrive, when the meal is, etc.)
  • Plan your menu:
    • What food you'll make from scratch
    • What food your guests will bring.
    • What food you'll buy pre-made at Boston Market.
  • Do an inventory of dishes, glasses and flatware. If you don't have enough, add disposables to your shopping list or ask guests to bring extras.
  • Decide on your centerpiece and table decorations, purchase supplies.
  • Place your order at Boston Market for turkey & prepared sides.

2 Weeks Out

  • Match up your recipes with serving dishes and silverware – put a small slip of paper with the recipe name in each dish to make sure you have each covered.
  • Do a test run of any recipes that are new this year. This will help avoid any last minute disasters.
  • Make sure you have enough tables and chairs for guests.
  • Shop for nonperishables on your list: canned goods, beverages, plastic containers and bags for leftovers.

Week of Thanksgiving

  • Do spot cleaning of rooms that will be used.
  • Plan seating arrangements and write up place cards.
  • Do a quick cleanup of your front porch and door.
  • If kids are on your guest list, put out games, movies and any other activities for them. Or ask parents to bring them along.
  • Set up decorations around the house – wreaths, candles, etc.
  • Map out your day-of cooking schedule and the time required to prepare each dish.
  • Confirm with guests that they will be brining any pre-determined dishes still. If not, don't panic, we've got you covered! Order Here
  • If you have guests bringing dishes, find out if they need refrigerator or oven space so you can be ready.
  • Clean out your refrigerator to make room for all the food that needs to stay cool.
  • Save on ice – start emptying your ice cubes into freezer bags and store in a deep freeze. Or go to the store and purchase.
  • Pre-make anything that will hold until Thanksgiving Day.